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Discover the wonders of Rome and be surprised by its beauty . Romabbella is the guide of Rome that accompanies you and helps you to live your best your Roman holiday.

RomaBBella: The guide for touring Rome

A trip to Rome is full of high expectations and desires to fulfill. The city and its monuments offer several chances to turn your lifelong dream into reality, that is an unforgettable roman holiday. Rome’s tour recommended by Romabbella touches all the most famous and romantic spots and the most popular neighborhoods among the roman citizens. The tour is suited for all budgets, and for all ages. Discover the beauties of the city and the habits of its citizens. Don’t forget to put in your luggage your passions and your interests. Rome will surprise you! Parks and squares for readings, walks and bike rides. Music and art festivals, museums and amphitheaters. Bring with you your passions for sports, cinema and theatre.

What’s a roman life like?

Romans love their city and you can share with them their habits and hobbies. The relaxing evening walks through the downtown squares and the narrow streets paved by cobblestone. These are some of the sceneries that you can experience when visiting Rome.

You can choose between the fascinating day trips in the outskirts of Rome searching for villas, lakes and countryside festivals and the visits to churches and monuments spread across the center of the city, basically a massive “outdoors museum” that tells a three thousand year history. At the end of every trip, we carry with us the memory of a thrill or some souvenirs. Romabbella leads you through the many roads, the markets, the boutiques and big shopping avenues to enhance your experience with a gift for you and your friends. Start your trip to Rome with Romabbella. Enjoy!

Tourist guide written by romans

A useful guide for anyone who wants to see Rome like romans do.

  • The inside track given by romans for must-see places, non-traditional spots, neighborhoods and out of town trips.
  • For each stop, get useful advices to move around the city: chances to take, manage the unexpected, places where you can eat and drink, shopping spots, prices and transportation.
  • Proposals on things to do and free time.

Advices on visiting Rome

  • Monuments and places to see
  • What's in your neighborhood?
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Sports and free time
  • Food

Rome: Best places to go

Explore our beautiful city to expand your horizons. Here you will find all you need to know about Rome. It’s all right here.

What to do in Free time in Rome?

We have found practical solutions for you to live in Rome for free.
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