Eat in Rome

26 April 2017

Pizza al taglio

The pizza al taglio is a major staple of the roman culinary tradition. In Naples people during the day usually munch on a piece of fried […]
16 May 2017

The best “night” cornetti in Rome

There’s nothing better that ending a night out with a good warm cornetto after having spent the night dancing or out with friends. In the capital, […]
30 May 2017

The real recipe of the pasta all’amatriciana

La ricetta originale degli spaghetti all’amatriciana. Sperando di poterli gustare presto nella città di Amatrice ricostruita…
10 October 2017

Rome’s local markets: the most characteristic ones

Do you love shopping for local grocery? Let’s discover the top local markets in Rome then. Local markets are the hot spot for those who are […]
19 October 2017

Roman Pizza: preparation and fun facts

The Roman Pizza is among the most loved roman specialties. It’s recognizable at first bite and it just overwhelms our taste buds thanks to the quality […]
27 October 2017

Halloween dishes: traditional recipes

Following the celtic tradition Rome also celebrates Halloween on the night between October 31st and November 1st. Costume parades, kids that go “trick or treat” and […]