Eat in Rome

10 November 2017

Vegan Ice-Cream Parlors in Rome: the guide

Rome, the eternal city, is in fifth place in the ranking for the most vegan cities in Europe: the number of vegan restaurants, coffee shops and […]
24 November 2017

Trattorias in Trastevere: the best eating places

Trastevere still mantains its old roman working class suburb look thanks to its windy roads covered by sanpietrini on top of which medieval working-class houses stand […]
5 December 2017

Natural wines in Rome: where to find them

The quest for the protection of the natural wine is still under way: there are no official parameters to determine if a wine is natural. Surely […]
16 March 2018

Home brews in Rome: the best destinations

If you love home brews and micro brews or if you’re plain avid drinkers here’s a review of the best destinations in Rome. A special selection […]
16 March 2018

La Parolaccia restaurant in Rome

La Parolaccia is not your every-day restaurant. It’s a unique culinary and entertainment experience. It’s one of the most popular trattorias in the historical Trastevere neighborhood. […]
6 June 2018

Where to eat a good “cacio e pepe” in Rome

If you have tried it once you probably love it. Pasta – fresh or dry – roman pecorino cheese, black pepper and boiling water. Like many […]