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Cheap Food in Rome: useful tips

When you come to Rome one of the most satisfying experiences is to taste the flavours of roman cuisine. So why not do it without spending too much money while doing so? Trattorias where you can get the specialties of the roman cuisine are endless. You can pretty much randomly pick one and end up eating great food. So here we give you some useful tips on how to eat in Rome without spending too much money.

Spend less, eat well: the spots

If you’re a street food lover you cannot not swing by Ciao Checca that features great eco-friendly food. You can have your meal right in there or on the go. The dishes (“primo” dishes or “secondo” dishes) are simple and yummy. They are served in big carton cups. And if one order doesn’t fill you up you can always add more therefore lowering the cost. Where? Right in the centre of Rome. Piazza di Firenze, 25-26.

If you’re taking a stroll down Trastevere and suddenly you get the so-called munchies but you got no time to sit at a table let us inforum you that there is a small “pasta-bar” that serves its dishes in the typical take-away chinese-food containers: Mama Pasta. The specialty? Pasta made in a shaker as if it was a cocktail. The ingredients are mixed in a shaker. Where? Via del Moro.

Another interesting destination along our culinary journey of the capital is the project Cups di Romeo Chef & Baker at Testaccio market. As suggested by its name, the variety of dishes is served in big colourful cups: pasta, soups fish, salads as well as experimentations by the best chefs in Rome that drop by from time to time at box 44. Where? Via Galvani/via A. Volta.

If you’re really undecided on what kind of food you want to eat the perfect spot is Trattoria Guerra. The motto is: “si mangia quello che c’è” “eat what’s there”. The customer cannot ask for changes on the menu. At lunch you pay 5 Euros for a “primo” dish, bottle of water, wine, dessert and coffee. It’s hard to be disappointed by such an offer. Dinner is also flat price. But it also includes a “secondo” dish, a side dish and some alternatives on the menu. With no catch. Where? Via Eleonora d’Arborea, 7 (piazza Bologna).

Garbatella features another surprise: the Casetta Rossa. It’s basically an association that over the years has taken many initiatives in the political, social and cultural fields. Nowadays it’s become also a high-quality restaurant at low prices. The ingredients that are used come directly from local farming. This place also features the “suspended meal” that is you can pay someone else’s meal (generally needy people) Where? Via G.B. Magnaghi, 14.

If you want to try out a typical roman grandma homemade meal, then go to Osteria con Cucina Francesco Angelino, also known as “da Francesco er laziale”. There are many typical dishes and it’s easy on your wallet. The menu varies according to the groceries that are bought day by day. Where? Via Casilina, 493.

Il Quagliaro is one of the most popular trattorias in Rome since 1958. It’s famous for the quails, that back then were hunted then cooked and served at a flat price, a formula that is still valid. If you’re not into eating birds the menu features typical roman dishes and even pizza. The prices are very good. And between dishes you can entertain yourself with claque of Belli’s and Trilussa’s verses hanging on the walls. Where? Largo Mola di Bari, 17 (Quarticciolo).

If you’re in Tastevere and plan to stay away from “tourist baits” then trust the judgment of romans that sit at the Hostaria da Corrado. It’s a simple typical no-frills trattoria managed by real trasteverini since the beginning of the seventies. The dishes? Good and big of the typical roman tradition. Prices are good. Where? Via della Pelliccia, 39.

Moving on to another neighborhood you run into a typical roman trattoria with a fantastic 70’s vibe. It’s a stern and noisy place where needless to say dressing formal is frowned upon. It’s Betto e Mary, right in the heart of Torpignattara. The food is simple. The flavours are unique. The pasta is homemade and served on wooden plates. The “secondo” dishes are made in a wooden oven. Everything comes at low prices. Where? Via dei Savorgnan, 99.


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