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Dessert in Rome: the best pastry shops in Rome

The delicious dishes of the roman tradition are well known and make your mouth water just thinking about it. But Rome can hold its own also when it comes to desserts.

First off the maritozzo – a kinda of a sandwich stuff with lots of whipped cream – then the dry cookies, the “pastarella”s, and the famous ricotta and sour cherry pie that has its roots in the jewish roman tradition.

But where can you go to try these amazing desserts? Well, there’s plenty of options to choose from. So Romabbella wants to recommend a few spots to fulfill the needs of your taste buds.

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It’s a landmark in Prati neighborhood. The window of the shop will catch your eye because it’s full of mignon, always fresh. You will have to resist the urge to try them all! Not to mention the chocolate pralines that will drive crazy the chocolate fans.

And the fruit jellies that will put a smile on children’s face. Also the ice cream is worth trying and of course the cakes, from the classic ones to the more sophisticated ones.

Address: via Sabotino, 19/29

Bakery House

The USA rule the world when it comes to cooking meat but our friends across the pond are also experts in desserts, So you can let your taste buds try some american flavours and have a giant and rich piece of cake.

Either that or cupcake, cheesecake, cookies, plumcake or pancake. If you’re getting confused with the names of the desserts you might as well try them all to memorize them!

Address: corso Trieste, 157/b – via Riano, 11


This place has also all the classic types of pastry: shortcrust, dry cookies, dough…but also you can’t miss the original creations that constantly make their way from the kitchen to the counter all prepared with very high quality ingredients.

Not only do they satisfy your taste buds but they also please the eye due to their amazing creations. And if you think you can’t really have a whole cake all to yourself you can simply have a piece and taste it. Instead if you’re an ice cream lover you will not be let down: the ice cream man there recommends salty peanuts and Campari orange.

Address: largo B. Bompiani, 8/9/10


Millefoglie par excellence: a simple pastry, in several versions, that will delight even the most demanding of desserts lovers. Starting with its size. At first sight it is so big it looks like a pandoro.

But then you cut it in and you find out that inside there’s layers of light and friable puff pastry alternated with marsala scented chantilly custard. To top it all off a layer of icing sugar on top and a layer of nut crumbs on the side.

This particolar dessert doesn’t drive crazy just romans. Customers from all over Italy order it and the tale says that even the Queen Elizabeth herself places an order every once in a while..

Address: via Nemorense, 179/181

Cristalli di zucchero

It is coffee time. We crave it and we would like to accompany it with a small treat. A few steps away from Circus Maximus you will find the right place for you.

The options are many though so don’t be too tentative. You get croissants, mignons, danish, whole cornettos stuffed with honey, breton shortcrust and cakes of all size and shapes. When it’s Christmas time you will also find a great homemade panettone in all sorts of versions..

Address: via di San Teodoro, 88


No, it’s not a jewelry even though it really looks like one. We enter an elegant parisienne environment – as a matter of fact it is a branch of the famous parisienne pastry shop – where even the most sophisticated sweets lover can be satisfied.

Those that would rather try the friable flavour of a good macaron than a classic dessert will also be totally satisfied there. Everything is aesthetically impeccable there.

From the colours of the pastries, to the attention to the detail of the way they’re placed in the windows, to the preparation of the boxes. This is a place where Eiffel Tower and Colosseum meet: a sweet and perfect twinning..

Address: via Borgogna, 4c


A few steps away from piazza Vittorio. A century old pastry shop that bakes mostly italian delicacies: maritozzi, babà, cannoli, sfogliatelle, cassate, pastiere, colombe, bignè and much more!

And next to the classics of italian pastry this shop features cakes made with pan di Spagna, such as Charlotte and Saint Honoré. So at Regoli tradition is taken very seriously.

Address: via dello Statuto, 60

And let’s not forget of all those nightly pastry shops that bake fresh delicacies late at night. So then if spaghetti at midnight is not suited for you, you can always opt for a sweet alternative.

I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex (O. Wilde)

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