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Halloween dishes: traditional recipes

Cibo per Halloween

Following the celtic tradition Rome also celebrates Halloween on the night between October 31st and November 1st. Costume parades, kids that go “trick or treat” and of course carved pumpkins are all symbolic features of this exciting celebration of monsters and witches.

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Halloween dishes. Between tradition and roman spirit

The Halloween culinary roman tradition has become very relevant over the last few years. The typical dishes of the bewitched night are the pumpkin rice or tortelli. Also this new tradition features some sweet dishes prepared with this peculiar vegetable such as the pumpkin cheesecake with spiderweb or the pumpkin icecream. Besides the traditional dishes we can also mention a few dishes that have become relevant recently. Dishes inspired by the monsters and witches that come alive on this magical night.

Yummy spiders

Ragnetti deliziosi

Yummy spiders

To tease the hunger of your guest, you can prepare a pleasant appetizer with the following ingredients: white tramezzini sandwich bread, rye tramezzini bread, fresh cheese, alsaziano’s, green and black olives. Turn a glass upside down to cut round bread bits. Spread the cheese over half of the bread bits and stick 3 alsaziano’s in the side of the bread bit to get the effect of the spider legs. Finally place all the other bread bits on top of one another. Put a small pile of cheese on the top bread and place olives cut in halves as they were the eyes of the spider.

Sweet pumpkin tortelli

Tortelli di zucca dolci

Sweet pumpkin tortelli

One of the most popular roman dishes for the Halloween night is the sweet pumpkin tortelli: 500 gr of yellow pumpkin, 100 gr of flour, 50 gr of sugar, two eggs, seed oil, icing sugar. Cut the pumpkin in big chunks and cook it in little water. After draining the pumpkin, mash it and place it in a bowl. Add the flour, the sugar, the egg yolks and the whipped egg white and stir the whole thing. Fry spoonfuls of this mix. They will take shape of tortelli. Make sure to brown both sides of them, by turning them gently in the pot. Once they’re ready, put them on a sheet of blotting paper and spread the icing on top of them.

Glassy eyes on ice

Occhi vitrei su ghiaccio

Glassy eyes on ice

Finally, to end your Halloween meal, you can prepare a delicious slush made with three simple ingredients: pineapple juice, white grape and raisins.Pour the juice in a container for freezing. Put it in the freezer and let it freeze for at least two hours. Take it out. Cut it and stir the soft ice. Stick it back in the freezer for at least two hours. Take out the container and pour it in big glasses. Put grapes cut in halves and a grape of raisins on top of each glass.






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