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Home brews in Rome: the best destinations

birre artigianali roma

If you love home brews and micro brews or if you’re plain avid drinkers here’s a review of the best destinations in Rome. A special selection of the best home breweries in Rome.

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What is home brew?

Let’s try to define what home brew is! We may think of it as something that is homemade as opposed to an industrial process. When it comes to beer the industrial process would be a beer distributed in large quantity all over the market and readily available in supermarkets. Besides the commercial point of view, also the home brew is considered beer not pasteurized, produced without preservatives and using only top notch ingredients. So home brew is a fresh and unsophisticated product, 100% natural made with the four basic ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and yeast.

Top 5 pubs in Rome

Birra artigianale

Open Baladin

A few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori, the Open Baladin is one of the most popular pubs in Rome and features one of the widest selections in Rome. It features over 40 italian beers on draught but its popularity also stems from its faboulous hamburger and french fries. The pub also features a wide selection of international beers and over a hundred bottled beers.

Ma che siete venuti a fa’

Also known as “Macché”, “Ma che siete venuti a fa’” is located in the young Trastevere neighborhood. The place is a popular hang out for beer drinkers in Rome. The publican will offer you a wide perspective on the beer world.

Barley Wine

Its motto recites “There’s always something good happening around a beer”. It’s one of the best pubs in the Appio-Tuscolano neighborhood. At Barley Wine they work daily to guarantee the best quality, care of the smaller details and of course a great range of beer to choose from. There are nine draughts, all italian. The pub also offers breathtaking food dishes.

Brasserie 4.20

In Zona Porta Portese there’s Brasserie 4.20 where you can choose from 50 available beers. It features many types of beers: classic draught, cask and tapping pump. The place also features a garden that comes very handily especially during the hot summer nights. So this place is very popular among drinkers especially during the summertime.

Tree Folk’s

A few steps away from the Colosseum there’s the Tree Folk’s that tops everybody else as far as the british ale. This pub opened in 2003. It was designed by a mega fan of the british world. Everything comes fresh from the U.K.

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