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Natural wines in Rome: where to find them

Vini naturali a Roma

The quest for the protection of the natural wine is still under way: there are no official parameters to determine if a wine is natural. Surely though the demand for natural win is on the rise: more consumers are demanding it and more wine producers are making it. On one side the consumers are becoming more and more competent when it comes to taste and scent of wine. On the other side the producers are starting to take exception to the traditional processes of winemaking used over the last few decades.

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What is a natural wine?

A natural wine is wine made by own low-yield vineyards through agronomics as natural as possible with zero usage of pesticides, insecticides, and weed killers. The harvest of the grapes is done manually and the grapes are fermented spontaneously. No yeasts or enzymes are added. Also no sugar or concentrated musts or acidity regulators are added.

Why natural wine over other wine?

Vini Naturali

The production of natural wines reflects an environment-friendly approach, manual methods and no usage of chemicals. The most eye-popping end result is an increase of small producers of small quantity of wine every year.

Natural wines in Rome

Let’s list the three top spots in Rome where you can try and buy excellent natural wines.


At Pigneto – that has seen a huge increase of culinary and wine-related spots over the last 10 years – il Vigneto doesn’t go unnoticed. This colorful winehouse features live music, small tables and sofas, but most of all a rich list of wines both for wine aficionados and “amateur” drinkers. Among Vigneto proposals, natural wines are highly popuar among customers to be had with a side dish of slice of toasted bread with butter, anchovies and prosciutto on top. Worth a try!

Les Vignerons

A careful and constant regard to small producers that work “naturally” avoiding chemicals and synthetic processes reflect the approach of Les Vignerons in Trastevere: they would have you drink a wine with imperfections but with a genuine taste to it rather than something plain and artificial! Among the bottles of wine at Les Vignerons you will find Munjebel of Frank Cornelissen, Nude of Cantina Giardino, Grignolino of Cascina Tavjin, Malvasia of Skerlj nel Carso and many others.

Enoteca Bulzoni

When you go in Enoteca Bulzioni in Parioli, you will find on your right a nice marble counter where you can sit, surrounded by walls completely covered in bottles. So we recommend you to sit at the counter, order a glass or a bottle (it depends on how much time you have) and munch on the menu ‘s tasters. The wine list is divided into modern, old, and extreme wines. Extreme wines are the natural wines and they’re excellent!

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