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Roman Pizza: preparation and fun facts

The Roman Pizza is among the most loved roman specialties. It’s recognizable at first bite and it just overwhelms our taste buds thanks to the quality of its ingredients and its unique crunchiness. So let’s find out more about the history and the secrets that make this food so great!

First thing first though. Pizza is simple to make. You need just a few ingredients to make the dough: flour, water, yeast and salt. Generally, when you think about pizza, the first place that comes to mind is Naples, its birthplace. But just like any other thing, the Pizza recipe over the years has been exported to other italian regions and has gone through a few tweaks.

Preparation of the roman pizza

Impasto pizza

Many different kinds of wheat can be used for the Pizza dough. The peculiarity of the preparation is the high usage of water. That’s why usually pizzamakers use a kind of wheat capable of absorbing the water as much as possible.

Of course it’s not just a matter of ingredients but also a mater of know how especially when it comes to the rising of the dough. The rising can last from 24 to 100 hours max. But most importantly, you can’t make a good pizza without a wooden oven. The high temperature of the oven together with the burning of the wood make the pizza tasty and with the right level of crunchiness..

Roman pizza’s fun facts

Forno a legna

As mentioned above, the roman Pizza is a “child” of the classic Napolitan pizza. It came about after World War 2, about 200 years after the original pizza was born. Of course it’s debatable which one is better among the two types. Both are a testament to the greatness of italian pizzamakers and after all, it’s just a matter of personal taste. And rightly so!

Of course, we at Romabbella can’t help but to prefer the thin and crunchy Roman Pizza. However, just like the Neapolitans, Romans also like to start things off with traditional italian fried appetizers before eating the pizza: that is suppli, fried courgette flowers, fried Ascolano olives, mozzarella in carrozza, fried codfish filets, and croquettes.

Eating pizza also has a social element to it. It’s a simple meal, very tasty and cheap. It’s a way to have a great night out with your friends in the historical pizzerias of downtown Rome. Pizza, good friends, craft beer, monuments and the capital squares. That’s all you need for a great night out.


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