Spread the flavour of Rome all over the world

The Romabbella website has the double goal: to let everyone know how we romans live Rome and to export a piece of our city in the world.

For those reasons we have written a guide filled with practical advices to see the must-see places as well as the lesser known spots and to get around the several neighborhoods of the capital. We’ve also added useful advices for your free time and hints on what and where to eat in Rome (the typical dishes as well as ways to tell a good restaurant).

But most of all we focused on the habits of us romans – the walk while eating an ice cream; drinking water from the nasone; pizza al taglio; pastries on a Sunday afternoon; the aperitivo. So that every person that arrives in Rome can fully appreciate the life in the city.

And, for those that get “Romesick” once they get back home we offer you the chance to order food, drinks, wines, and souvenirs that represent the city right from our website.

Our goals