The unusual, less touristy spot

Places that are out of the ordinary itineraries

The alternative Rome features the spots that are not included in the conventional Roman tourist itinerary. If you’re visiting Rome for the first time odds are that you will turn your attention towards spots and monuments that are true landmarks of Rome. We’re talking the can’t miss destinations: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Venezia and all the other spots recommended by all tourist guides.

However, there’s a large part of Rome that also shines but it’s out of the traditional beaten tourist paths. This alternative Rome features interesting surprises and grandeur. In other words covering all the beauties – known and unknown - that Rome features may take several weeks, if not months.

If you’re not visiting Rome for the first time, then you may want to check out some unusual destinations, unbeknownst to many. Even for romans it’s hard to be aware of all Rome’s hidden gems and secret corners. Therefore the path to the alternative Rome is not targeted only to tourists but it is useful also to romans because they can look at these spots with a different perspective or discover new ones altogether.

Nowadays, thanks to the world wide web, the unconventional tourist paths are also acclaimed by the public and advertised way more than in the past. Many people try to avoid the chaos of the classic tourist destinations due to their long queues, the constant waiting and oceanic crowds. Rome - more so than other tourist cities - features a long list of alternative destinations envied by many other famous cities in the world.

This website features tips and useful advices on how to discover the alternative Rome. You can find useful information on how to get to your destination, opening times, costs and what to carry in your backpack. Also fun facts and good proposals to appreciate to the fullest the less known beauties of the capital.

Do you have some extra days to spend in Rome? Romabbella suggests some lesser known spot to go and check out. If you need further information on how to enjoy the beauty of the alternative Rome feel free to contact us.