A place to be for artists, artisans and nightlife lovers, at one point Monti was, along with Trastevere, the most important neighborohood in Rome. According to an urban myth, back in the days Trastevere and Monti hosted the most personable men and the most fascinating women of Rome and they could only get married among themselves.


The neighborhood where the time has stopped. Monti is the ideal place for those who love handcrafted objects and love to eat out in a typical roman trattoria or in a gourmet restaurant. During the day you can take a walk along all the small shops that still conserve the flavor of the years gone by: fashion designers, junk dealers, antique dealers, carpenters, and blacksmiths. But also painters and art galleries, wineries and bakeries.

Nightlife. At night young people flock restaurants – from gourmet to low cost slow food – bars, winehouses and the streets are filled with good vibes.

 Watch out!

Via Panisperna con palazzi ricoperti di ortiche sullo sfondo

Via Panisperna

The atomic bomb. If you happen to walk by Via Panisperna, just can check out the spot where, in 1934, Enrico Fermi and the students of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Rome discovered the properties of the slow neutrons. This discovery kickstarted the construction of the first nuclear reactor and the atomic bomb. Later on the Faculty of Physics was transferred to the University of Rome campus in Viale Aldo Moro. The old building that hosted the Faculty was assimilated by the Viminale, site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. If you’re interested in these events we recommend you to watch the movie “ “I ragazzi di via Panisperna”, directed by Gianni Amelio in 1989.


Low cost Gourmet lunch. Would you like to try creative cuisine without spending too much money? L’Asino d’oro is the place to go. From Tuesday to Friday this restaurant located in Via del Boschetto offers a small lunch menu for 16 Euros. The menu is made by four courses (Entree, soup, main course, second course and contorno plus fizzly water).The chef Lucio Sforza, from Orvieto, forces the issue with funky flavour combinations. A few examples: Pudding of red peppers and pistachios with buffalo stracciatella. Stir fried octopus with panzanella and cantaloupe. Pancotto with ricotta cheese and pesto. Pork liver marinated in vin santo with mushrooms. Organic pecorino with pears, honey and candied dried figs. Goose thigh with apples. Quail with onion en papillote.

Tavolette di cioccolata sovrapposte

High quality Chocolate. Even Rome has its chocolate kingdom. It’s located in Via Leonina, 82, La bottega del cioccolato which is open from September to June. Handmade chocolates and pralines, sculptures of the Colosseum, St.Peter’s basilica, la Bocca della Verità. You can have the chocolate there or have it to go in good looking packagings. Needless to say that you will pay for quality..

A taste of Tuscany in Rome. The delicatessen of the Tuscany countryside are in display at Podere Vecciano, in Via dei Serpenti 33. Since 2010 this shop sells its farming products such as red and white wine, liquors, pasta, legumes, cereals and soups, ragù and dressings, cantucci, ricciarelli, black or white panforte, brutti ma buoni, accessories and cosmetics.

 Local market

The artisan market, between vintage and modern. Every weekend, from 10 am to 8 pm, the neighborhood features Mercato Monti, where old and new meet and so do tradition and experimentation. You will find clothes designed by young stylists, vintage productions, accessories, artisan creations, modern art, collector’s items, books, pictures and objects of every kind.


Palazzo del Viminale

Historical buildings. Are you on your way to the hotel and you’re walking by the neighborhood? Great. Then you have the chance to admire some of the finest buildings in Rome. Such as Palazzo Brancaccio, the last noble building that was built in Rome. Palazzio Brancaccio hosts wedding parties and other elite events in its baroque halls. Palazzo del Laterano, site of the Museo Storico dello Stato Pontificio and the offices of the Vicariato di Roma; la Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi, in use to the military sovereign of the order of Malta.

Politics. Rione Monti features two important building for roman politics: Palazzo del Viminale in Piazza del Viminale that is site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Palazzo Koch in Via Nazionale, site of the Bank of Italy.

 How to get there

Subway. Subway is the fastest way to reach Monti. Take the B line and get off at Cavour station.
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