Rome’s outskirts

Where do we, romans, go when we want to get away from the city chaos and relax? A nice out of town trip certainly will do. The outskirts of Rome feature beatiful villas, lakes, fraschette and beautiful small beach towns.

Out of town, arts and outdoors

If you have already visited Rome and have covered all its tourist spots and its monuments you may want to turn your attention to the tourist spots that are just outside of Rome. Even a few Romans are not aware of all the cultural and natural treasures that lie in the Lazio territory.

Firstly, Romabbella recommends the city of Castel Gandolfo: known in the world because it features the Pope’s summer residence. The city offers both an interesting cultural and naturalistic experience. Churches, villas and noble family buildings are spread all over Castel Gandolfo and the other towns of the Castelli Romani area. Also, the Albano lake or Castel Gandolfo lake, is one of the favourite destinations for fishermen as well as sailing and canoe fanatics.

Ostia Antica - the commercial hub of the ancient Rome – is the destination close to the sea. It’s the top choice for those who wish to timetravel to the ancient Rome: it features numerous and captivating ruins dug up from the city ground.

Also our coverage of the out of town destinations cannot leave out Tivoli, which is another city that features a marvelous cultural and artistic heritage. It features natural parks of rare beauty, temples and buildings from the ancient Rome. It includes also a unique and enchanting historical center and last but not least, its famous villas: Villa Adriana and Villa d´Este.

Entertainment and relax in the outskirts of Rome

We find numerous attractions of social and culinary nature in the outskirts of Rome. For instance Ariccia is one of the most popular destinations in the outskirts of Rome. It features the popular Sagra della Porchetta. The production of porchetta dates back thousands of years.

For a summertime out of town experience, the Lazio coast offers a good alternative for some to chill out under the umbrella beach. The destinations we recommend are Sabaudia, Sperlonga and San Felice Circeo. If you’re looking to add some fun time to your stay we recommend Torvaianica (Pomezia) as nearby you will find Zoomarine, the main water park of the central and southern Italy.