Bomarzo’s Park of Monsters has two official names: Villa delle meraviglie (Villa of wonders) and Sacro Bosco (Sacred Woods), but it’s known informally as Park of Monsters. It’s Bomarzo’s garden, a natural park in which you walk among huge sculptures of monsters, deities and mythological characters. The park also features buildings that defy rules of perspective, leaving the visitors baffled.

If you’re in Rome and look for an out of town trip, this destination is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s located in the Viterbo’s province, about 100 km away from the capital and it’s capable to amaze both kids and adults.


Monster in Bomarzo's Park

Fun for kids. Kids are assured to have a great time. Besides the huge and scary statues, the Park features puzzles to solve and an area dedicated to them. Furthermore the thick vegetation makes for a good shelter during the hot summer days.

Relax for adults. If you’re looking to spend some peaceful and quiet time, then you’ll find what you’re looking for inside the 3 hectars of the park. After taking a walk among the statues created to defy all rules of perspective and aesthetics, you can take a rest inside the forest of conifers and deciduous trees.

The statues. The Bomarzo’s Park of Monsters features statues for all tastes: you will admire sphinx, giants, dragons, a gigantic turtle, a huge frightening head, the three graces, a small nymphaeum and fountains on top of which there are pegasus and dolphins. The garden - designed by the prince Vicino Orsini and the architect Pirro Ligorio in 1552 - will leave you in awe.

Useful advices

Bring a map. Because of the vastness of the area, we recommend you to bring a map with you. You can get it off the official website or at the entrance. It’s not very detailed but it allows you not to get lost nonetheless. Also, you won’t find any detailed guides on the sculptures and the buildings. Therefore if you’re interested at the history and architecture of the Garden you may want to bring with you your own guide.

Rules and regulations. The following activities are forbidden inside the Park: smoking, picnics, climbing up the statues, and running. Also access to animals is forbidden. Only guide dogs are allowed in.

Preferential treatment for schools. There’s a discount – the ticket being 6 Euros – for school students. To get advantage of the discount schools need to book the visit 2 days in advance by calling the 0761/924029 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. School students will be provided with a free guide and free entrance for the bus driver. There’s also a tour guide service available subject to a charge.


Bomarzo’s garden includes a cafeteria (bar), a diner, a restaurant, book shop, kids area and a non-monitored parking lot.

Opening time

The Park is open every day with the following opening times: From April to August: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm. From September to March: 08:30 am - sunset.


Entrance is 10 Euros. There are discounts for children, groups and school students. For groups booking is requested (minimum 30 people) and the entrance costs 8 Euros with a single free access every 30 people. For school groups the Park features a single free access every 15 kids.


Regular ticket 10 €
Children 4 to 13 8 €
Disabled people Free
Groups 8 €
Schools: teachers and students 6 €
Schools: parents 8 €

How to get from Rome to the Park of Bomarzo

It has to be said that getting from Rome to Parco dei Mostri by public transportation is not very easy. The alternatives are train and bus.

Train: from Termini station or Tiburtina station take the train to Orte Scalo and Viterbo. This train features connections to Bomarzo via Cotral bus.

Bus: You can get to Bomarzo directly by bus with the Cotral lines. They get to Bomarzo via Orte (from Termini station and Tiburtina station) and via Viterbo (from Saxa Rubra).

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