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Urbe, Rome’s beer

Urbe is the beer dedicated to the eternal city made by Eternal City Brewing, Rome’s local home brewery. The name comes from the latin word Urbs which indicates the city of Rome itself. The city of Romolo and Remo, of the roman empire, of the Popes, of the bullies, of the scams and the beautiful women, of the taverns and the power. The city that in the end is like a mother. You can criticize it but you can never totally get away from it. American pale ale (alc. 5%), This beer has a golden color with a copper-like effect. Its texture is quite rich. It has a compact white foam. Its exotic fruit aroma makes it very refreshing and thirst-quenching. It leaves a nice strong taste in your mouth. The perfect beer for your big social drinking nights. We offer this beer in the 75 cl version. Eternal City Brewing is located in Via del Ponte Pisano 84 (West side) and it produces high quality beer. Every bottle of beer reflects the passion and the hard work of this local brewery. We deliver only inside the city of Rome. Delivery by courier costs 3 Euros, within 24 hours from the order at the address that you provided. Please leave us your phone number in case you may want to change the timing of delivery.

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