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Children activities: useful tips in Rome

To many eyes Rome doesn’t seem to be a place well suited for children. Probably because of its chaotic environment and the many hurdles when it comes to moving around (especially if you’re using public transportation). Nonetheless, if you’re wondering about the options that are out there for children, Rome offers a wide range of opportunities that will delight the little ones.

As a matter of fact Rome features many spots and events dedicated to family with kids. The beauty of these events is that the activities can be carried out by both children and adults. So let’s go through a list of opportunities for children in Rome keeping a watchful eye on the cultural and educational aspect (educational doesn’t mean boring).

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The parks: Villa Borghese and Gianicolo

A first proposal could be a nice walk outside (especially during springtime or summertime). Along these lines the parks of Rome offer many chances for leisure and fun.

Gianicolo features interesting puppet and marionette shows. Villa Borghese, besides being a beautiful park, offers the chance to rent tandem bikes or a miniboat to navigate the small lake of the villa. Even if more suited to young couples with no children the Giardino degli Aranci can be a an appealing destination where you can bring your kids.


Speaking of nature, you can bring your kids at the Bioparco. It’s the typical cultural and educational activity with fun and interesting tidbits. Located in the beautiful surroundings of Villa Borghese the Bioparco is one of the oldest zoos in the world and it hosts hundreds of animal species. It also features several gems not to be missed. (Currently it hosts 1144 animals coming from 222 different species).

It was built at the beginning of 1900 and it basically became what is today around the 90’s. You can reach it by streetcar (line 3 and 19). There are many discounts on the tickets. To get more info please log on the website sito ufficiale.

Vigamus Museum

Kids, especially male, would appreciate a trip to Viagmus museum. It’s a museum that illustrates the history of videogame going back to vintage games up to the latest technologies.

The collection, divided into themes, features hundreds of videogames and different platforms. There are guided tours, exhibitions and interactive areas. To get more information take a look on its website Vigamus.

Explora, the museum of children

Another appealing alternative for kids along the cultural path is a visit to the Explora museum. The museum offers a wide range of games and interactive settings based on several themes: science, environment, community. These games allow your kid to get new perspectives on everyday’s life. The museum features workshops, campuses and the chance to organize small parties. It’s located a few steps away from Piazza del Popolo. By subway get off at Flaminio (line A). There are discounts on the tickets biglietti e agevolazioni.

Rainbow Magicland Amusement park

Located in Valmontone area, Rainbow Magicland is an amusement park full of attractions both for adults and kids. The main and most appealing attraction is the lake right in the middle of the park. Around the lake stand the 35 attractions and the interesting show stands.

Another feature of the park is the different themes. You can jump in the maya ruins or end up in fantasy-theme castles and buildings. The activities are divided based upon the age ranges.Some are more suited for children, others are more suited for adults.

Technotown: Children’s playcentre

Inside Villa Torlonia, there’s a children’s playcentre that will take you right inside the technology, creativity and science realms. The Technotown children’s playcentre offers a full immersion into new technologies and latest inventions through multimedia tools, robots, 3d devices and a even a tutor.

This place hosts school tours, birthday parties and technology-theme special events. There are several discounts on the tickets. On the activity page of the website you can keep tab on events scheduled at the playcentre (don’t miss out on the robot shows).

La Città del Sole

Last but not least, your kids will thank you for bringing them to take a tour of a very special toy store. The Città del Sole. The store mission is to pick toys not for what the toys do but for what the children do with them.

In other words, these are toys inspired by the educational principle of teaching children creativity. A very original business project founded in Milan in 1972 under the motto “…what if playing was a serious thing?”

There are several “branches” in Rome:

  • Via della Scrofa, 65
  • Via Buonarroti, 6 (corner Via Merulana)
  • Viale Somalia, 61
  • Via Marcantonio Colonna, 5 (corner P.zza Cola di Rienzo)
  • Via Appia Nuova 401
  • Via Roma Libera, 13 – Trastevere
  • Via Oderisi da Gubbio, 130
  • Via Alessio Baldovinetti 80 – EUR
  • Piazza della Balduina, 3

If you wish to share your experience with Romabbella about children activities, drop us a line or add a comment to this post.

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