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Easter in Roma: what to do

Pasqua a Roma

Have you made up your mind on what to do at Easter in Rome? It’s a dilemma that floats around this time of the year when Easter Sunday approaches. Since usually Easter Sunday falls between the end of winter and the beginning of spring the real x factor is always the weather. Rain on Pasquetta (Easter Monday) seems like an ill-fated event destined to spoil everyone’s plans to spend a day out of town

So let’s put aside the weather factor for a moment and focus on Romabbella’s advices on what to do on Easter in Rome.

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A green Easter

A first proposal on what do on Easter in Rome is (weather permitting) a visit to the parks and green areas of the capital. There’s no better way to break off from the everyday routine than taking a nice walk in Villa Borghese or Villa Torlonia or Giardino degli Aranci or Parco della Caffarella (the latter would give you a great chance to admire the green parrots colonies).

This is definitely a family-oriented proposal as also kids can enjoy it. A tour in the nature of the Capital is a true panacea to spend a day among the naturalistic and architectural beauties of Rome.

Easter Sunday’s mass and holy week

Easter obviously involves a series of religious events related to the holy week. A very evocative event is the Via Crucis led by Pope Francesco. Because of the stature of the pontiff it’s going to be an exciting event. It’s also going to be a chance to collectively meditate on religious issues as well as issues of social nature.

Related to events of the holy week, another advice on what to do in Rome at Easter is a visit to the landmarks of christianity. First off, the St.Peter’s Basilica, then the Vatican Museums, San Govanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore. There’s so much to choose from. So much that you’d need multiple several “Easter days” to really appreciate them all.

An out of town trip

An out of town trip could also be a valid alternative to spend Easter away from the traffic and chaos of the city. Among the most interesting destinations Villa D’Este in Tivoli is definitely worth a mention.

Another valid proposal would be a trip to the “monstrous” Bomarzo park. The park is both a fun spot for kids and a relax destination for adults. Besides, all around the park you can find restaurants, bars, cafeterias and areas for kids.

Open museums at Easter in Rome

Of course we can’t leave out the cultural alternative as on Easter in Rome you can take a tour of the several museums spread out in the capital. The museums that are open on Easter Sunday are numerous (just be alarmed that there might be long queues to enter). Among the open ones the Vatican Museums (free on Easter Sunday), the MACRO, the Complesso del Vittoriano and the MAXXI.

The MAXXI features several interesting and evocative exhibits. Among them we recommend the Blackout project which emphasizes the contraddictions arising within the globalized world. Also the exhibit Gravity, imagining the universe after Einstein.

The Gravity project saw the light thanks to a partnership between the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (Italian Space Agency) and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (National Institute of Nuclear Physics). The exhibits shows the developments and the origin of the theory of relativity (and its influence in the artistic fields). To get more information please visit the MAXXI event.


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