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History and Magic Rome: the fantasy world

For the aficionados of the fantasy genre, there is a store right in the heart of Rome that will make your jaw drop (and where you will likely spend some money as well). It’s the store Storia e Magia, in Via Ottaviano 32 (a few steps away from Line A subway). It doesn’t go unnoticed. Walking on Via Ottaviano at one point you’ll basically run into an armour placed right on the sidewalk. That’s where the store is.

The success of this store is due to the uniqueness of the items sold along with its magical mood. The store is very popular among romans and people from out of town as well that got to know it through its countrywide fame. Many items are handmade and are appreciated for the extra attention paid to the small details.

Inside the store you can find more commercial items (at lower prices) and more refined pieces as well. Also fantasy-theme clothing items that will delight the aficionados especially role playing gamers

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more…

The Lord of the Ring-theme items, The Hobbit-theme items and Harry Potter-theme items take center stage inside Storia e Magia in Rome. Besides the handmade sculptures of the main characters, you can find magic wands, rings, and clothing items complete down to every little detail.

The store also features items based on a really popular TV series such as Game of Thrones. But also old school aficionados won’t be disappointed as you will find items based on old movies such as Star Wars.

One area of the store is dedicated to the Enchanted Forest with sculptures of trolls, elves, gnomes and fairies. For the aficionados that are more into the warfare stories you will find models of swords of every kind and era.

The staff is considered to be quite intrusive but it’s understandable as they’re worried that all those precious items may be touched, damaged or even stolen by clumsy or ill intentioned persons.

Finally, let us quote a customer who dropped a review of the store on the web. We found this part of the review very evocative:

Only one real warning. Be aware, you’re entering a magical world that will make you instantly 10 years younger and feel like a child lost wondering in Neverland. Therefore you won’t want to get back in the real world. This magical spell might have a longlasting and dangerous impact on you…


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