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La Nuova Rinascente in Rome: shops, luxury and history

nuova rinascente Roma

On October 12th the Nuova Rinascente opened its gates for the first time, in the historical building located in via del Tritone. It’s an eight storey mega store, about 15 thousand square meters and a roof with a breaththaking panoramic view. There’s also a historical corner, that is a tribute to the roman tradition. The eleven years of digging and building have revealed an old roman acqueduct, embedded in the building.

As you can tell from the video, the opening of the Nuova Rinascente was greeted by an oceanic crowd. Customers were curios and enthusiastic to see the new super store filled with shops for all tastes, luxurious brands and sections dedicated to food. The terrace received a lot of appreciation among the customers.

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The acqueduct Vergine

During construction work of the Nuova Rinascente an inestimabile discovery was made for all history and archeology aficionados. (With high costs of recovery and the inevitable delay of the completion of the building). It’s the Acqueduct Vergine built by Augusto in 19 a.d. . Now all Rinascente customers have the chance to check it out for free (level -1). It’s sort of a hybrid between modern and ancient that may make someone grimace.

The stores: fashion, design and food

The construction cost of the Nuova Rinascente set a new record. Many big fashion brands are there and not only those. (There are about 800 brands). Each floor is dedicated to a specific industry. So you can find design and luxurious items as well as clothing for all tastes. The highest floors are dedicated to the food industry (the Food Hall).
What makes this structure so unique though is the fact big time architects contributed to the design of the building. Claudio Silvestrin, Giuliana Salmaso, Vincent van Duysen just to name a few. It took eleven years to build the Nuova Rinascente. For many it was worth the long work.

Quello che caratterizza la struttura inoltre, è che la realizzazione ha visto all’opera grandi nomi dell’architettura. Solo per citarne alcuni nomi: Claudio Silvestrin, Giuliana Salmaso, Vincent van Duysen. Ci sono voluti undici anni per realizzare l’opera, ma a detta di molti ne è valsa la pena.

The panoramic terrace

Terrazza nuova Rinascente

The most appreciated aspect of the Nuova Rinascente is surely the panoramic terrace. From the terrace you can see many wonders of Rome. It appears though as if to access the top floor you need to get in line and arm yourself with patience. In the end, the new shopping temple is a mix of luxury, quality design, history and social gatherings right in the center of Rome.


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