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Moving to Rome: useful tips

Every year many people (especially youngsters) move to Rome either to work or study. Most of them come from the southern part of Italy. Over the years we have seen a constant and notable flow of people move further north in Italy.

The migrating flow of people looking for fortune generally regards Rome as the first and closest destination. In other words Rome is where people from Sicily, Campania, Calabria and Puglia generally first stop to find a job or a place to live. The first impact with Rome can be quite traumatic especially for people that are used to live in small towns. Over night you’re thrown in a city filled with beauties but that is also crippled by the typical issues of a metropolis. So let’s go along some useful tips for people who plan to move to Rome.

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Pros and cons of moving to Rome

Moving to Rome of course has its pros and its cons. Let’s go over some of them always keeping in mind that every person has his own judgment.


  • Culture and Leisure: exhibitions, museums, various events, meetings. If you’re into culture then Rome is where it’s at, You have so much to choose from. If you’re looking to enhance your cultural baggage you will not be disappointed by what Rome has to offer.
  • Multiculturalism: Rome like many other cities in Italy, has become a point of reference in terms of cultural diversity. Therefore Rome is nowadays a fertile ground to enhance your life experience by adding an International flavour to it.
  • Politics: The capital is the heart and soul of italian politics. If you’re into politics then in Rome you will find the parties, groups, and clubs to join and make even a career out of it.
  • Sports: Roma and Lazio’s football matches, ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Rome, Rugby 6 nations and much more. Sport aficionados have plenty to choose from when it comes to sports events happening every year in Rome.
  • School: thanks to its many universities, the educational offer in Rome is definitely valid and diverse. Above all, the La Sapienza University, besides the issues that come with being a huge school, is an excellent school especially for some particolar faculties.
  • Job Market: to be precise, job wise Rome has suffered a major generational crisis over the last few years. So for sure Milan is one step ahead when it comes to job opportunities but Rome still has a lot to offer for those who look to eke out a living.


  • Coins: Rome is one of the priciest city in Italy. Especially the housing market (both rental and purchase) has very high prices for those who want to move to Rome. So you may want to look very hard to find the place that best suits your budget. Of course it all starts with the key word: location. The more touristic and central areas of course feature astronomical housing prices.
  • Traffic: One of the main issues that come with moving to Rome is definitely the chaos and the struggle of moving around the city. If you’re moving either with your private vehicle or with public transportation be ready to deal parking restrictions, strikes, delays, disruptions of the public transportation, stress and various set backs.
  • Bureaucracy: In actuality bureaucracy is an issue spread out in all of Italy. Rome, being the capital city, is no exception to this rule.

Moving to Rome: conclusions

So in the end we can say that Rome has its pros and cons in terms of lifestyle. The final conclusion on wether the pros outnumber the cons depend on personal judgment.

The majority of people that live in Rome tend to appreciate the several opportunities in terms of culture and leisure. But also they cannot ignore the huge struggle of moving around the city (ATAC, the public transportation company is not one of the most appreciated companies to say the least).

The cost of living is quite high. For this reason many people come to Rome to study but then take off to other places to find a job. There is a stark contrast between the incredibile artistic, historical and archeological beauties spread around the city and the severe struggle of organizing the lives of Rome’s citizens. But maybe this is exactly in a nutshell the charm of the eternal city.


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