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Rome’s amusement parks: guide

Rome is art, architecture, cooking but it’s also a fun city for those visiting as well as romans, both little people and older people. The muggy weather is starting to bother us but Rome’s amusement parks allow us to stay outdoors, do something exciting and make us forget for a few hours the stress of the daily life and the hot weather

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Adventure and amusement at Eur Park

There’s no better place to spend an exciting day than a century old pine grove. The amusement park is divided into two main theme areas: Adventure and Energy. They feature several activities for both adults and children.

In the Adventure area you can walk down one of the several trails among the trees at different heights (the bravest should definitely try the “black” path at 15 meter high) or climb up the freeclimbing tower. Of course everything is carried out in maximum safety. If you’re scared of heights or you are not the Indiana Jones type you can always have fun with archery or take part in other activities such as volleyball, table football, badminton, bocce or the baby marines itinerary.

The energy area is dedicated to all outdoor spors: human table football, soap football, soft archery, laser tag, pump track, surf skate, outdoor gym and marines drill for pure enjoyment.

Of course the park features a kids area (for little ones under 4 years of age), the relax area and the restaurant. And why not have a picnic on a tree?

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Fun and cooling break at Hydromania

Among one of the best equipped water parks in Italy, Hydromania is located right outside of Rome. It features fun and relax activities for all tastes: several swimming pools, thrilling slides for brave and not so brave guests. The park staff is very active in involving all guests in a series of organized events daily such as aquagym classes, group dances, treasure hunts and all sorts of water games.

Furthermore here you’ll find also self service restaurant, four bar points and a shopping area.

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Learning can be fun at Zoomarine

For those merely interested in having fun the park features several games and activities: pools, water slides, roallercoasters for both adults and children, water games, diving shows from 25 meters and even a white tropical beach to relax a little between games.

But it doesn’t end there: Zoomarine also makes you learn more about animals thanks to the areas dedicated and several shows. Shows of falconers to admire eagles, owls, falcons, marabous, and griffons. The bay of the seals and the sea lions to get to know more about these particolar animals. The forest of the parrots to enjoy their sight and sounds; the beach of the penguins, the oasis of the turtles, the lake of the waterfowls and the area dedicated to dinosaurs.

So it’s a well rounded park to satisfy all kinds of visitors.

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Dream and reality unite at Cinecittà World

Not only cinema: the park is a place where several fantasy worlds meet, where nothing is impossibile just like in the movies. The games and the activities are many and appealing to all, from the brave type to the curious type.

Here you can reenact the history of old Rome; travel into space aboard the Altair CCW 02-04 and challenge each other with the ultrasonic guns; find yourself in the old West and take part in a rodeo; be a brave explorer and take part in fantastic adventures.

Also you can check out the statues, the art pieces and the object that have been created for the movies filmed in the last 80 years in the historic studios.

A day to feel like a moviestar.

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The magic of Rainbow Magicland

Thirty eight games and shows to satisfy all kinds of visitors.

Lotsa magic rides for children: from the classic “brucomela” to the old carousel that appeals to all those that are not children anymore; water games for the hottest days; a surprising trip on the air balloon and much more

If thrill is not your game, don’t be alarmed: there are other games that appeal to you! Are you into videogames? Good, Rainbow Magicland’s arcade features new last generation videogames every year. And also if you like magic, you can visit the old home of the legendary Houdini.

If thrill is your middle name then you’re in the right place! Scary drills, haunted house, and a ride from 0 to 100 km/hour in 2 seconds to show your brave side.

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