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Shopping in Rome: the routes of shopping

shopping Roma

If you wish to allocate your time to shopping in Rome, the choices and reference points are pretty much endless. Rome is the city of the art and historical wonders, but it also offers plenty of choices when it comes to more frivolous activities. The shopping routes in Rome are many, for all tastes, preferences, and budgets. So here’s a brief guide for shopping in the capital.

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Via del Corso

A true universally recognised shopping landmark is Via del Corso along with its surroundings. The area is jam packed with tourists and it features many shops with multilple price ranges. The area also features: the famous Via dei Condotti, featuring pricey and luxurious shops (there you will find the most exclusive italian fashion brands); and the classy Galleria Alberto Sordi. Via del Corso and the area surrounding Piazza di Spagna are always very busy with tourists – especially on weekends – because they are true landmarks.

Via Cola di Rienzo

Via Cola di Rienzo is also a commercial hub filled constantly with tourists. The selection is not as wide as the Via del Corso area but nonetheless very rich with shops, restaurants and bars. The area is very close to the Vatican so if you’re near Via Cola di Rienzo you can attach a “holy experience” to your shopping experience. The area also features Via Ottaviano and Via Candia where you can find shops of many kinds. Via Ottaviano features the shop Storia e Magia, a must for fantasy aficionados.

Via Appia Nuova

Another area to keep in mind when it comes to shopping is via Appia Nuova. This street, that takes you up to San Giovanni in Laterano, features numerous kinds of shops (small time shops as well as big chains). It features big time brands and numerous eating spots (useful if you want to take a break from your shopping binge).

Via Tuscolana

You can reach Via Tuscolana by subway A line. It is considered the street of the shopping low cost. The old mall Cinecittà 2 stands nearby. For local markets fans you can easily reach Porta Portese Market from Via Tuscolana.


The last spot on the list is for vintage lovers and for those looking for the unusual and original article. You can find all this and more in rione Monti. Mercato Monti is certainly not cheap but very evocative. It’s generally open on Saturdays and Sundays. You can easily get there by subway. Get off at Cavour station on the B line. At the Mercato Monti you can find jewels, clothing, and culinary products. All items there are hard to find anywhere else. In other words, Going shopping at Monti is definitely worth.

What we have listed are only some of the shopping routes in Rome. But when it comes to assortment in all of Rome the range is very wide and not limited to the abovementioned areas. So we feel we need to mention also for instance Via del Pellegrino, Via del Governo Vecchio, Viale Parioli, Via Nazionale among the many out there.

If you feel there are more shops and shopping routes worth mentioning please leave us a comment with your shopping experience.


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