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Sunset in Rome: best spots to enjoy it

Rome’s beauty is mesmerizing. Its history and its monuments are what Rome is known for. The small alleys in the center of Rome are known worldwide thanks also to films such as “La dolce vita”. You can roam around these small alleys and let yourself soak in the roman mood and lifestyle.

There are beautiful monuments, balconies and spots where you can wait for the sunset and admire the city being wrapped up by a fantastic light. The eternal city is a haunting place where the time stops and heart beats faster.

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From the Gianicolo hill you can admire Rome in its entirety. So make sure to go there at sunset to admire one incredibile view of the city. You’ll get a glimpse of the sky painted in red, pink, orange and blue and this light reflecting on the marble facade of Altare della Patria, Castel Sant’ Angelo and St.Peter’s basilica. A show beyond words.

Giardino degli aranci

The park is located on top of the Aventino hill, high enough for a breathtaking view. Very popular is the view from the the keyhole of the main gate of the piazza dei cavalieri di Malta (Piazza of Malta’s knights). When the sun goes down and the sunset light come on the St.Peter’s cupola is framed inside the keyhole. A perfect view of a magic sunset.

Belvedere del Pincio at Villa Borghese

If you’re walking in the beautiful park of Villa Borghese you can look out the balcony of the Pincio. At your feet sits Piazza del Popolo and the river Tiber. Pincio is positioned facing west so sunset is the golden hour to check out a breathtaking view of the city.

Castel Sant’Angelo

Adriano’s Mausoleum, mostly known as Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the most popular monuments of the city. This building was projected as a monumental burial chamber for the emperor Adriano and the rest of his family. Later it was used as a fortress by the popes due to its proximity to the Vatican.

Nowadays Castel Sant’angelo is a musem that features some of the best views on Rome. From the top you can check out the lavish bridge of Castel Sant’Angelo. Also from the top you can admire the Tiber, the St.Peter’s Basilica and you also can enjoy a panoramic view of the tree-lined boulevards of the Prati neighborhood.


Near MonteMario stands that highest point of Rome where you can catch a glimpse that embraces the city as a whole. So it’s worth to wait for the sunset and let it paint the eternal city in red. It’s an uncomparable show. Maybe the perfect time to declare your love to your partner.


An open museum where you can literally walk among history. It’s an experience that in Rome is so fulfilling like in no other city. So let yourself be carried by the lighting of the sunset and you’ll feel like you’ve been thrown in a place where time doesn’t exist.


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