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The best clubs in Rome: your destinations

Migliori discoteche Roma

Rome is not only the city of artistic and historical beauties. It is also a big time nightlife hotbed. As a matter of fact, every neighborhood has plenty of pubs, clubs and leisure spots where you can spend a fun time.

Especially on Saturday nights, youngsters (and not so young as well) love to dance the night away till the wee hours of the morning. And as far as dancing spots Rome has a lot to offer. Some clubs though have an edge on the others and over the years have become true reference points for all roman “dancers”.

So let’s run an overview of the best clubs in Rome, complete with musical genre, age range and special events.

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Clubs in Rome: our top choices

Art Cafè

This is a landmark in Rome. The Art Cafe is located in Villa Borghese and it’s a popular destination among football players and celebrities alike. This club, both during the winter and the summertime, features a wide range of events dedicated to music and leisure. The club is very high profile so watch out for the dress code.

Goa Club

The Goa Club also belongs to the list of the pricey and high profile clubs. It’s located in Via Giuseppe Libetta. It has become one of the staples of Rome’s nightlife and over the years some of the top italian and foreign DJ’s have played music there.

Spazio 900

Spazio 900 is a club located in the EUR neighborhood. It’s very spacey and fit to host thousands of people. The address is Via Guglielmo Marconi. It features plenty of events that will not disappoint you if you’re looking to spend a fun evening in Rome. The huge balconies come in handily especially during the summer.


A list of the best clubs in Rome must include the Piper. It’s a historical spot in Rome. The selection is mostly house-techno and sometimes features live shows by indie bands. Piper is located in Via Tagliamento. This place has seen quite a bit of history of Rome’s nightlife and music, having being stirring Rome’s nightlife since the 60’s.


Alibi is a notable gay friendly club. It is located in the Testaccio neighborhood (Via di Monte Testaccio). Alibi has small rooms inside and it is easily recognizable for its ivy covered facade.


Qube has more of a less glamorous and more austere look than the other clubs on this list. It has a younger crowd and it’s located in Via Portonaccio (in a three storey building). The most popular event there is Muccassassina, dedicated to transgression. It’s an evening targeted to the LGBT world although many straight people attend the event anyway.


We finish off this list of the best clubs in Rome with the Anima Club. The club is open also on weekdays and it’s located near Piazza Navona. Its peculiarity is due to the presence of a first floor where you cano relax and chill out and a ground floor equipped with a dancefloor.

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