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Where to take a girl out: romantic spots in Rome

When you go out on a date, a first date especially, is always very exciting event. You really want everything to go as smooth as possible, starting with the place you’re taking her. You also wish to avoid unpleasant surprises. Roma aside from being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, features extremely romantic spots where you can spend a pleasant time with your date.

Movies (check out movies on Rome) are a testimony to the fact that Rome is a place that’s very appreciated among lovers from all over the world. So here’s a few advices on where to take a girl on a date in Rome.

Advices on where to take a girl on a date in Rome

Luoghi romantici Roma

All of Rome’s historical downtown alone would allow you to do great on a first date. It’s worth noting though that more often that not it also depends on the person you’re going out with. Whether she’s a somewhat sophisticated girl or if she’s more of a down to earth laid back type. But in any event Rome features some romantic spots that cannot disappoint:

  • Pincio: the first place on the list is Pincio, one of the oldest romantic spots where you can take your date in Rome. From Villa Borghese’s balcony the panoramic view is really breathtaking. It’s hard to be disappointed by this place.
  • Ponte Milvio: Ponte Milvio over the last few years has become a symbolic spot for people in love especially thanks to a few movies and books (literature for youngsters especially). The famous “love locks” have been removed but the message has lived on.
  • Gianicolo: Gianicolo certainly deserves a mention as one of the most romantic places to take a date. The panoramic view on Rome’s wonders can’t be topped.
  • Giardino degli aranci: if you are into the alternative Rome to impress a lady, you can surely take into consideration the Giardino degli aranci (garden of the orange trees). It’s a small park that overlooks the Tiber and it has one of the most evocative panoramic views in Rome. The view from the balcony covers the part of the city that goes from the San Pietro’s cupola to the river bay, one of the most romantic glimpses of the capital.
  • Spanish Steps: choosing the Spanish Steps is basically like framing your date in a postcard. The Spanish steps is one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the whole world.
  • Lungotevere: a walk along the lungotevere – especially in spring and summer when the weather’s nice – is a pleasant thing to do especially on a romantic date. Along the lungotevere you can find many eating spots where to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat.
  • Piazzale delle Muse: this is another suggestive destination located in the Parioli neighborhood. The piazza with the grass lawn features a magnificent view of Rome. If your date is the romantic type she will appreciate it for sure..
  • Fontana degli Innamorati (Fountain of the Lovers): speaking of romantic dates we couldn’t leave out this place specifically dedicated to lovers. On the right side of Trevi Fountain you will find a small rectangular tub with two small taps. It’s the Fountain of the Lovers. The legend says that if a couple drinks from this fountain they will be in love and faithful forever. Apparently this used to be something couple used to do when the man was about to leave on military service. Anyway, for both believers and doubters a visit to the Fountain of the Lovers is a must when going out on their romantic date.

If you think there are other spots that deserve a mention on the list of romantic places where to take your date, please let us know in the comments.


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