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Nightlife, shopping, sports and free time. All you need to know about the roman habits of the daily life in Rome. Follow Romabbella’s tips, the Rome guide written by romans.

4 May 2018

Moving to Rome: useful tips

Every year many people (especially youngsters) move to Rome either to work or study. Most of them come from the southern part of Italy. Over the […]
3 May 2018

Sunset in Rome: best spots to enjoy it

Rome’s beauty is mesmerizing. Its history and its monuments are what Rome is known for. The small alleys in the center of Rome are known worldwide […]
30 March 2018
pappagalli Roma

Parrots in Rome: the green invasion

If you live in Rome you can’t help but notice a “strange” exotic presence of green parrots spread around the city (especially in the parks). The […]
29 March 2018
Pasqua a Roma

Easter in Roma: what to do

Have you made up your mind on what to do at Easter in Rome? It’s a dilemma that floats around this time of the year when […]
16 March 2018
San Valentino Roma

What to do on Valentine’s day

San Valentino is the perfect time for taking some time to soak in the romantic vibe that Rome can create. Rome can satisfy all couplet, even […]
16 March 2018
Migliori discoteche Roma

The best clubs in Rome: your destinations

Rome is not only the city of artistic and historical beauties. It is also a big time nightlife hotbed. As a matter of fact, every neighborhood […]