Things to do in Rome

When in Rome, do as the romans do

Experience the city like its citizens do

Nightlife, shopping, sports and free time. All you need to know about the roman habits of the daily life in Rome. Follow Romabbella’s tips, the Rome guide written by romans.

7 September 2018

Rome’s amusement parks: guide

Rome is art, architecture, cooking but it’s also a fun city for those visiting as well as romans, both little people and older people. The muggy […]
9 August 2018

The best panoramic views of Rome

Feet that walk on the cobblestones and nose up. This is generally the tourists’ walking posture when walking around Rome. But this is not the only […]
27 July 2018
Rome subway

Rome subway map

Rome’s subway is a service of subway lines that run through the city of Rome. It’s made by three lines, each highlighted by a different color: […]
28 June 2018
Sotterranei di Roma

Underground Rome: a breathtaking tour

The majority of tourists and the romans as well know and admire the beauty and the majesty of the eternal city that we can actually see […]
21 June 2018

San Giovanni subway station: an archeological site

On May 12, 2018 the line C San Giovanni subway station-museum was opened to the public. Its construction took several years and went through major planning […]
20 June 2018

Best seashores close to Rome

The summer is a season awaited with excitement both by romans that can’t wait to get away from the city and enjoy a nice relaxing day […]
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