When in Rome, do as the romans do

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Nightlife, shopping, sports and free time. All you need to know about the roman habits of the daily life in Rome. Follow Romabbella’s tips, the Rome guide written by romans.

12 November 2018

Civita di Bagnoregio: a tour just outside of Rome

Down in the calanchi valley, between the Bolsena lake and the valley of the Tiber, over a harsh hill stands the etruscan Civita di Bagnoregio. Do […]
23 October 2018

Caravaggio’s art in Rome: a tour of beauty

It’s a common thing to say: the eternal city hides rare beauties. That is why sometimes it doesn’t suffice to admire what Rome has to offer […]
23 October 2018

Calcata, Viterbo: the town of the witches

Witchcraft and occultism: is it just merely talk or is it real suggestion? According to the sources that have been reliable up to this day, the […]
7 September 2018

Rome’s amusement parks: guide

Rome is art, architecture, cooking but it’s also a fun city for those visiting as well as romans, both little people and older people. The muggy […]
9 August 2018

The best panoramic views of Rome

Feet that walk on the cobblestones and nose up. This is generally the tourists’ walking posture when walking around Rome. But this is not the only […]
27 July 2018

Rome subway map

Rome’s subway is a service of subway lines that run through the city of Rome. It’s made by three lines, each highlighted by a different color: […]